BIBLE STUDIES started in the fall of 2012 (before Encounter.) as homeschooling classes for students in the area, after the need was acknowledged.

You don't have to participate in Encounter.'s meetings to attend Bible studies, although they do connect to the current themes and overall focus and progress of Encounter.'s vision. 

Past studies:

Thematic Bible Studies are continually incorporated in Encounter.Groups meetings, D-Day sessions and Encounter.Groups leaders training.

Summer 2015:

Fall 2014:

Study of the Book of Ecclesiastes

Study of the Book of Wisdom

Winter - Spring 2014: The Holy Spirit in Action. Acts through Revelation.

Reading Acts, Epistles and  Revelation. Concentration on kerygma. Weekly assignments include readings from the Bible, a textbook and workbook. Project: Evangelization. Fourteen teens participate in this study. 

Instructor: Iwona Bednarz-Major

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What people say:

I feel like I really understood what God was portraying through the scriptures, and really came to know and love God better.
Taking this course helped me to understand and truly appreciate Scripture, and additionally Lectio Divina. I am no longer bored while reading the Bible.
This is more than an average Bible study. It is really diving into deep understanding of what God has done for us!!!!!
The Bible is the BEST textbook for learning about life. His Word helps you in everything. The Bilbe is the textbook for your spiritual life...which is the only real carreer you neeed and should want to study about.
Plenty of relevant and great information, and it can get you into the habit of reading Scripture, which is good ;)
It’s a free manual for how to live your life. When you read it you hear God’s word. That’s a fact. It feeds your soul and tells you everything you need to know.
So many are scared and intmidated by the Bible and don’t know how/where to dive into it. You really get your barings when you take the class, by knowing the authors, historical backround and by understanding the great insights.
It was inspiring to read about the apostles in the new testament who were responsible for spreading the news. It makes you realize how important sharing the message is. I just wish i could have gone to more of the classes.
It has increased my zeal entirely. I also have felt like reading the Bible has helped me and I want to do it more now thanks to this class.
If one strives to really have a relationship with Christ, and does everything possible to get there, except read the Scriptures, he will get no where. Reading Scripture helps us to get to know Christ, and helps us to be able to recognize his voice on a daily basis. You think you never hear God speaking to you? It’s because you don’t know what his voice sounds like. Reading Scripture has helped me to know Christ on a personal level.
Reading scripture is one of the best ways to communicate with God. Habitually reading it will not only increase your knowledge of scripture but also intensify your reationship with God.

Fall 2014: Reading the Gospels

All four Gospels read chronologically. Concentration on the Sermon on the Mount and the Parables. Project: Parables in contemporary context. Twenty one teens participated in this study. 

Instructor: Iwona Bednarz-Major

Guest speakers: Fr. Jonas Shell and Robert Corzine

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2012/2013: Old Testament.

After chanting Liturgy of the Hours for Advent in 2011 and Lent in 2012, we decided to start a Bible study that would help in understanding the basics of salvation history, with an emphasis on Lectio Divina and chanting the Psalms. We focused on reading OT chronologically. Concentration on the covenants of God as a progressive revelation of God's heart to the humanity. Project: Tabernacle. Eleven teens participated in this study. 

Instructor: Iwona Bednarz-Major

Guest speakers: Fr. Jonas Shell and Dr. John Bergsma.