Junior Bible Study: Bible Survey

gr. 4-6 (ages 9 - 12)

Although the children participating in the Junior Bible Studies are not officially attending Encounter., some of them participate in family events organized by Encounter. and First Friday Adorations. Our focus is on the basic flow of the salvation history, friendship with God, connecting main biblical events with world history, chanting the Psalms, and regular, assigned readings of the Bible as well as memorizing Bible verses. 

Winter/Spring 2014: New Testament: Gospels and Acts

Lectio Divina prop.

Lectio Divina prop.

Fall 2013: Old Testament

Each session will include:

Lectio Divina for kids:

First Semester Schedule:

What every child needs to get:

We will learn to chant few Psalms and Canticles from Morning Prayer using Mundelein Psalter tones: