Liturgy of the Hours

It is therefore essential that education in prayer should become in some way a key-point of all pastoral planning.

How helpful it would be if not only in religious communities but also in parishes more were done to ensure an all-pervading climate of prayer. With proper discernment, this would require that popular piety be given its proper place, and that people be educated especially in liturgical prayer. Perhaps it is more thinkable than we usually presume for the average day of a Christian community to combine the many forms of pastoral life and witness in the world with the celebration of the Eucharist and even the recitation of Lauds and Vespers. The experience of many committed Christian groups, also those made up largely of lay people, is proof of this.

we chant daily lauds (morning prayer) during Advent and lent-Easter-Pentecost season. 


Join us LIVE and chant with us daily at 7:30 am EST or listen to the podcast:

We chant Compline during monthly Adoration

The Divine Office owes its remote origin to the inspiration of the Old Covenant. God commanded the Aaronic priests (c.1280 BC) to offer a morning and evening sacrifice (Ex. 29:38-29). During the Babylonian Exile (587-521 BC), when the Temple did not exist, the synagogue services of Torah readings and psalms and hymns developed as a substitute for the bloody sacrifices of the Temple, a sacrifice of praise. The inspiration to do this may have been fulfillment of David’s words, “Seven times a day I praise you” (Ps. 119:164), as well as, “the just man mediates on the law day and night” (Ps. 1:2).
— Colin B. Donovan, STL ;


  • To invite all people to join in the liturgical prayer of the Church and to show the wisdom, simplicity, depth and beauty of the Liturgy of the Hours which empowers our daily rhythm of Ora et Labora

  • To assist parishes and pastors of Steubenville and the surrounding areas to chant and pray Liturgy of the Hours daily by equipping, training, initiating, modeling, leading and holding LOTH prayers at their parishes, communities, meetings, centers, etc. 

  • To provide adequate biblical, liturgical, musical, and theological training for the LOTH in a non-threatening way, and which is accessible to all willing to pray and chant
  • To enable individuals, families and groups of people to learn how to pray

So far, we have been able to chant Lauds at St. Peter's church in Steubenville, OH for Advent and Lent, and Vespers at Holy Family church in Steubenville, OH for Lent. We also include Vespers or Compline during our First Friday Adorations. After discovering the Mundelein Psalter, we mostly use its tones for now. 

We are inspired by and grateful for the Mary Mother Church. Missionaries of the Liturgy and their founder Dennis Keller. 

All Souls 2014. Office of the Dead. Vespers at the Mount Calvary Cemetery. 

Encounter., in a sense, originated from the humble beginnings of chanting Morning Prayer during Advent and Lent in 2011 - 2013, therefore it will always have a special place among us.

Advent 2011

Lent 2012