Sienna Nursing Home

March 2015 TALENT SHOW

Sienna Nursing Home is one of few facilities in the Steubenville/Wintersville/Weirton area where the elderly are living. We do not see them, they are out of site of our society. Some of them are being cared lovingly and visited very frequently by their family members but some, for different reasons, although cared for in their bodies, are in need for loving human interaction.

Under the direction of Mrs. Kathy Rankin, who has established her ministry in Sienna Nursing Home, starting with May 2014, Encounter.'s teens, parents and young adults are visiting the elderly on a monthly basis. 

The future of a people necessarily supposes this encounter: the young give the strength which enable a people to move forward, while the elderly consolidate this strength by their memory and their traditional wisdom.
— Pope Francis, Sept. 30, 2014


Talent Show at Sienna Nursing Home, October 2014

Talent Show at Sienna Nursing Home, October 2014

Homes for the elderly should be ‘lungs’ of humanity in a country, in a neighborhood, in a parish; they should be ‘shrines’ of humanity where one who is old and weak is taken care of and protected as an older brother or sister. It does so much good to go to meet an elderly person. Look at our youngsters: sometimes we see them listless and sad; Then they go to see an elderly person and they become joyful!
— Pope Francis

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If you are interested in joining Encounter.Misericordia: Sienna Nursing Home visits, please look for the next opportunity under EVENTS and contact Mrs. Rankin at: 

House and Garden Project will encompass the opportunities to help in certain house and yard work, focusing on the needy families, elderly, lonely and the unfortunate in our neighborhoods. Having acknowledged Mr. Brian Lee's skills and professionalism in the area of house renovations, and since he has trained few of the Encounter. teens working with him on projects in the area, he graciously wants to extend his overseeing function to all who would be willing to help in occasional mercy House and Garden Projects.

The overseer and the organizer for the House and Garden Project will be Mrs. Fran Lee.  Please, contact her with all the questions:


September 2015 Painting of two rooms in a house of one of the residents from our community

June 2015 Garden and yard work plus house cleaning for a family from our Catholic community. 

Jan. 2015 Cleaning of the elderly resident's house

Dec. 2014 Painting of a room in a house of one of the residents from our Catholic community. 

Dec. 2014 Christmas cleaning of an elderly house.

Nov. 2014 Renovation of a basement and yard work in a Wintersville's house of a resident from our Catholic community. 

Volunteering @TOR sisters Open House. May 2015

Lenten meal 2015