Wisdom Studies: How Should We Then Live?

1. History of the Church: East and West. History of Christian Civilization. 

2. Search for Wisdom. History of Ideas. History of Western Philosophy. How ideas changed the world throughout its history. Christian initiative and response. 


3. Sophie's World. A novel about the history of philosophy. Jostein Gaarder. 

Cathy Duffy review of the textbook: The History the Church (complete course), at 816 pages, can actually be used for credits in both religion and history. Since it begins with study of the origins of the Roman world and continues up through the twentieth century, this might also be considered a world history text focused on western civilization. This is a “heavy-duty” text that would almost be more suitable for college than high school. The content is not difficult, but there is a lot of information to absorb. For example, an entire chapter is dedicated to “The Crusades, Military Orders, and the Inquisition,” providing a far more nuanced understanding of all three topics than we find in most other texts. For the dedicated student, this is a fabulous study of the development of Christianity grounded in history.

4. Ascension Press Church History timeline

5. Extra Reading, not required.  Peter Kreeft’s series

Philosophy 101 by Socrates (this book is included in parallel Spiritual Reading course)

Socrates Meets Jesus

Socrates Meets Machiavelli

Socrates Meets Descartes

Socrates Meets Hume

Socrates Meets Kant

Socrates Meets Marx

Socrates Meets Kirkegaard

Socrates Meets Freud

Socrates Meets Sartre

Chose from:

Homeschooling version: two semester course, graded (readings, workbook, exams (testing knowledge, understanding and critical thinking - very limited multiple choice tests), papers (argumentative/ persuasive, cause/effect, analysis, compare/contrast). Two papers and two tests per semester. 

Credit in history and religion. High school only. 
Suggested donation per semester: $100*

Audit version: self enrichment and academic exploration; readings required, workbook highly suggested. High school and very mature junior high that can handle rigorous load of weekly readings. 

Suggested donation per semester: $75*

Prerequisite: general knowledge of the main events in world's history, especially European.

Description. We will not concentrate only on the chronology of the events in European history, which should be already known, but mostly on its implications in development of Church history and vice versa. Development of Christian doctrine will be emphasized. Philosophical ideas, arts, culture, government forms, economy, social and family life will be connected to specific people, especially Church fathers, Church doctors and saints, and their influence in the development of Christian civilization. Focus on relations and reactions to changing historical and cultural circumstances will be explored. Western European history will be balanced  with Eastern Christian history and its contribution to the story of Europe. Religious and philosophical confrontations with Eastern and Islamic civilizations will be covered.

Each week:

1. Topic presentation - Not repeating the text that has been read at home, but developing socratic lead conversation based on the freshly absorbed knowledge. 

2. Relevant contemporary issues connected to the philosophical and theological theme. Included: 15 min video clips from Catholicism series by Fr. Barron at the end of each class (4:30 - 4:45 pm). We should cover all 500 min (10 episodes) of viewing by the end of the year. 

3. Two papers, two tests for each semester. One issue to debate per semester, worked on in a group (St. Thomas Aquinas style disputation, not modern debate). 

A corresponding Spiritual Reading course, which can be taken on its own, will run parallel with adequate readings of the Catholic Church doctors, Church Fathers and saints. The two courses form one unified 

Time: Mondays, 3:00 - 4:45 pm

Location: 1968 McCauslen Mnr. (known also as Orchard Avenue, but NOT Orchard Street), Steubenville

View weekly themes, readings and parallel Spiritual Reading course. Sign up list. 

*I will not turn anyone away from the lack of finances. Please, send request for a discount to: majorchange@gmail.com

First week's assignment, to be read before 1st class

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